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Exploring the Beauty of Hand-Engraved Guilloché Vitreous Enamel Dials

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Our Story

At 5280 Watch Company, we operate under 6 commandments:  1) Provide a timepiece that reflects the impeccable taste of its owner; 2) Offer said timepiece at a price point that is affordable so that it can be obtained, enjoyed, and delivers quality far above its price point; 3) Never lose sight of the fact that our watch-community family is the reason we exist; 4) Remember that the sale is just the beginning of a life-long relationship; and 5) Always strive to improve on what we do based on feedback from our customers.


I started this company when I realized that my watch-collecting habits were becoming borderline obsessive. After finally realizing that all of my Grail timepieces were out of reach and would likely remain so due to their exorbitant pricing, I decided to design and build timepieces that would satisfy my desire for a high-quality timepiece. One that I can share with other enthusiasts that will hopefully become a realizable Grail timepiece for our watch-community family.



We source our materials from all over the world. Our timepiece movements are exclusively from Switzerland, specifically from Sellita. We only use their top-of-the-line movements, meaning COSC Certified Accuracy and Top-of-the-Line D4 finishing. We source our cases and Sapphire crystals from a trusted vendor while our precious metal parts and products are handmade here in Colorado. We only use Sapphire crystals so that the beauty of our dials is unlikely to be marred by a scratch on the crystal. Our enamel dials are made exclusively by hand in Boulder, Colorado. by one of the fewer than 150 Rose Engine Turning artists in the world.  Final assembly, testing, QA, packaging, and distribution are handled exclusively here in Denver.


We offer a 7-year warranty on all of our timepieces. We want you to know that we stand behind everything we do.

Thank you for spending your precious time with us and exploring our offerings. We look forward to a life-long partnership with you.

Meet The Team

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